Entry Rules and Guidelines

1. Each entry must include the following:

  • Name, category of submission, email address, phone number, school you attend, expected graduation date
  • Submission Background Essay – Please include a brief summary (100-300 words maximum)  explaining the purpose of this entry, the research conducted and any other information you feel necessary to introduce and explain your submission’s purpose, intended audience, direction, tone and suggested distribution method. You may also include any additional information you believe will be helpful in the judging of this entry. Judges will read your summary with each submission.
  • Submissions should be in PDF format and labeled with last name and category, example: (Smith-Case Study)
  • Video entries must be uploaded to YouTube and entrants must include the hyperlink in their submission email.

2. Emails must be sent to thezenithawards@gmail.com and received by ­­April 17, 2015.

  • The subject of the email must include your name and the title of your entry,
  • Competition entries must be the original work of college or university undergraduate students and represent work completed during your undergraduate career.
  • Entries must have been produced for a school project or class, school publication or activity, student organization, internship/practicum and/or volunteer work.
  • Students may submit more than one entry in a single category, as well as enter in multiple categories.
  • Students must send each submission in a separate email.
  • All work must be original. In cases where art, photographs, or other elements are not the student’s own work, that work must be sourced appropriately.
  • Judges hold the right to reassign an entry to a more appropriate entry category.
  • All entries submitted become the property of the Zenith Awards. These entries can be reproduced, published, and circulated. All such use shall be for the purpose of promoting, supporting or otherwise furthering the mission of the Zenith Awards. Students retain the right to use work created for the awards in their respective portfolios to assist in individual student’s employment searches.
  • Entries must adhere to all rules and guidelines outlined above or be disqualified. Refer to the Zenith Awards Judging Criteria to assist in preparing your entry.

*PRSA professionals will judge entries based on the judging criteria provided.

*All entrants and winners will be notified by April 27, 2015.


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